♦  Custom Build Muzzleloader to Customer’s Specifications

                 Flint  or Percussion Rifle, Fowler, Trade Gun, or Pistol

⊕  Unload Muzzleloader

⊕  Remove Stuck Breech Plug                                                                                           (If  necessary, drill out breech plug and chase threads)

⊕  Clean & Service Gun (Complete Going Through Entire Gun)

⊕  Lap Bore (to smooth roughness)

⊕  Convert Knight In-Line to 209 Primer Ignition                                                                  (Includes new breech plug, breech plug wrench, and capper/de-capper tool)

⊕  Convert CVA In-Line to 209 Primer Ignition                                                                      (Includes new breech plug and capper/de-capper tool)

⊕  Rethread Drum for Larger Thread-Size Ignition Nipple

⊕  Rethread Breech Plug Bolster for Larger Thread-Size Ignition Nipple

⊕  Replace Drum & Nipple (drill out old drum, rethread and fit new drum and nipple)

⊕  Fit and Install Vent (Touch-Hole) Liner in Flintlock Barrels

⊕  Time Lock and/or Frizzen Throw (to Adjust Trigger Pull and Improve Lock Speed)

⊕  Harden Flintlock Frizzen

⊕  Make and Replace Breech Plug Tang Hook

⊕  Cone Breech Face for Traditions and CVA Side-Hammer Guns                                            (Makes for easier cleaning and Faster Ignition)

⊕  Funnel Muzzle (Improves Accuracy and makes for Easier Loading)

⊕  Rebore and Ream Ruined Rifle or Pistol Barrel to a Smooth-Bore

⊕  Install Sling Swivels

⊕  Cut and Crown Barrel (Reinstall Sights Optional)

⊕  Fit Breech Plug

⊕  Drill and Tap (Thread) Holes for Sights, Scope Base, etc.

⊕  Cut Dovetail for Sights etc.

⊕  Scope Installation and Bore Sight

⊕  Bore Sight Scope or Sights

⊕  Revolver Action Job (To Adjust Trigger Pull and/or Improve Timing)

⊕  Ream and Chamfer Revolver Chambers (Precision Dimensions for Optimum Accuracy)

⊕  Install Colt 1860 Style Loading Lever Latch on Colt Walker Revolver

⊕  Lengthen Revolver Loading Port to Accomodate Conical Bullets

⊕  Chamfer and Lengthen Revolver Barrel Forcing Cone (Improves Accuracy and Reduces Recoil)

⊕  Replace or Install New Shotgun Bead Sight (Front or Intermediate Bead)

⊕  Install Recoil Pad

⊕  Blue, Re-Blue, or Brown Gun (Steel Parts)

      {We do not service modern cartridge-firing guns}